Behind the Blog

Believe it or not, there is a human behind this blog - a twenty year old girl from New Zealand who loves everything about reading, writing and blogging. She's currently studying a bachelor of commerce and is trying to figure out how to juggle studying, blogging, working, reading, writing AND a social life (spoiler: it's hard). Even though she manages to find the time to read here and there, her TBR is somehow still taller than her.

The human behind the blog (AKA Lara) can be lured in with tea, conversations about books, new socks, notebooks (even though she already has too many), small shiny objects, and cats... she loves cats. Be aware that the human is not a fan of liars, cheats and loud noises early in the morning. In fact, it's probably safest if she isn't approached before midday, the human hasn't yet figured out what good sleeping habits are. 

Sometimes the human lurks on different areas of the internet:

Twitter: Tweets mainly about how she should be reading, but isn't. Is constantly procrastinating so will definitely reply to you on there. Knows she should probably spend less time scrolling aimlessly, but still does it anyway.

Goodreads: Documents aaaaaaalllllllll the books she's reading here (and if she's not slumping then that can be a lot of books). Writes small reviews for everything she reads. Gives star ratings on there, but is still annoyed that you cannot give half stars.

Pinterest: Sometimes writes, so procrastinates by making pretty boards to 'help' her with her WIPs. Also likes cats so may have a board dedicated to cats. 

You can also email email the human at but please remember that her name is Lara and she likes to be addressed by that name. She's even put it in her email to make it easier for you and it will definitely motivate her to reply far quicker if you get her name right.

If you meet the human behind the blog in the wild (or on one of her other lurking areas), don't be afraid to approach her, she's friendly and loves to get to know new people!