Tuesday, 7 January 2020

2019 Reading Statistics

For the last two years, at the end of the year I've wrapped up my year by throwing my reading statistics into a couple of graphs. If you want to have a bit of a throwback to my 2017 and 2018 reading statistics (which are more impressive than this years), the post is here. And without further ado, here are some of my reading statistics from 2019.

How many books did I read each month?

2019 was not a big reading year for me at all. I blame the fact that it was my second year of university and things started getting a little bit more serious, but whatever the reason, reading just wasn't a priority and I made it to the grand total of 17 books. I record which I hope to well and truly beat this year.

How many stars?

Although 2019 was a slower reading year, I am happy that the vast majority of the books I read were ones that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have been known to be very kind (sometimes too kind) with my ratings, but I can without a doubt say that I absolutely adored all of the five star reads from last year.

Author gender

A reasonably unsurprising statistic for me. For the last three years, this graph has looked very similar and I am trying to improve this ratio, but for some reason, I always end up similar to this graph. This year it can probably be blamed on the amount of romance I read which in my experience is primarily written by female authors.

Series or standalone?

This graph is mainly for my benefit as I have the habit of starting a series and not finishing it. This continued to be a problem in 2019 and I don't think I'll ever get on top of my unfinished series.

"Age group"

This graph has definitely seen the biggest change in the last three years. It's the first year where young adult hasn't been the majority of what I've read and it will be interesting to see whether 'adult' books continue to be my most-read books this year.

Text type

In the past, the graph above has always been more diverse and has included everything from novellas, to poetry, to screenplays. A goal for 2020 is to read a greater range of text types again (nevermind that this will also help me with my Goodreads target).


Contemporary has always been one of my bigger genres of reading, but I think the change this year is that in that category there was a lot of romance, I think just because when I did read I wanted something light and fluffy that didn't require as much thought as some of the complex storylines or worlds that are present in the fantasy or mystery genre. I'm also happy that the classics genre is making a bigger appearance than it ever has!

How many pages?

Not a graph I ever draw much from, it's just interesting to look at and see how my reading is spread out. Last year definitely lacked longer books.

A wrap-up

Although 2019 was a slower reading year than usual, it's still interesting to look at how some of my reading habits have changed and it's given me things to focus on and look forward to in 2020. 

What were your reading successes in 2019? Tell me about your favourite reads so that I can check out what I missed out on!


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