Thursday, 24 January 2019

Some Bookish Things About Me

A while back, Ella (from Novelly Ella) wrote a post with 19 bookish facts about herself and suggested that I do the same, but I don't currently have the brain capacity to come up with 19 facts (uni takes most of my brain power) so ten will have to do! You can check out Ella's post here.


I'm a HUGE mood reader. If I'm not in the mood for a certain genre and I try to force my way through it then I promise you, I will fall into a slump. (I'm currently in the mood for thrillers/mystery sort of books so recommendations are welcome).


For some reason, lately I've been finding it so much easier to read books on my phone than anywhere else... I'm not sure what it is, it just feels like less effort than a physical book or an ebook on kindle. Please tell me I'm not the only one!


I wrote a novel for NaNoWriMo last year and actually finished it! But since I finished it, I've never looked at it again. It was a very messy first draft and I don't know if I can read it without cringing. I should probably dig it out and see if it's salvageable.


Recently I've found that there is so much time in my day during which I can listen to audiobooks. Driving somewhere? Audiobook time. Going for a run? Audiobook time. On a break at work? Audiobook time. Can't sleep? Audiobook time. Sooooo many hidden minutes in the day.


The Harry Potter series has and will always be one of my favourite series of all time. I don't even know how many times I've read it, but I'm currently reading the fifth one again (definitely a fav).


I have this pirate story idea in my head that I really, really want to write, but for some reason I just don't know how to start it. I basically have a group of characters running around in my head and not a lot of storyline. I'm hoping that if I let them run loose in my head for long enough they'll eventually get into some sort of trouble and create some sort of storyline.


I've been blogging on and off for a VERY long time. I think I first started when I was thirteen and had a blog called Tangled in Words and then I went from that to The Paperback Palace and then Word Elixirs and now here I am at Words With Lara. It has been a journey, but I'm glad I'm still here in this bookish community.


I will either sit down and read a book in one or two sittings... OR it will take me months to get through it. There is no in between.


I am a serial procrastinator when it comes to EVERYTHING (including reading, writing and blogging). Even if I have an idea for a post and I have the time to write and schedule it, I probably won't do it until the night before. I hate this about myself, but I'm also too much of a procrastinator to change it.


One day I hope to publish my own novel... I have so many ideas and so little time at the moment, but it's one of my biggest goals in life and I will do it! I will!!

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself! It doesn't have to be bookish. Or even just tell me if you can relate to any of my facts :)


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