Wednesday, 26 September 2018

A Journey in an Infographic, Thanks to Visme

Speak Visually. Create an infographic with Visme

I had heaps of fun creating this graphic using Visme, it's super easy to use and I'd recommend it to all you bloggers that want the fancy graphics without all the hard work. NOW! Which books shaped your childhood? Are there any similarities to mine? Let me know!


Thursday, 20 September 2018

Why I Won't Write Monthly Wrap-Ups Anymore... (At Least for Now)

My blogging has been sporadic lately. I'll consistently blog for a few weeks, and then I'll go off the grid for months at a time. I want to blog, but I'm always held back by one main thing... My monthly wrap-ups. I HATE writing them. But I also hate not having them. I don't think that even makes sense so I'm turning to lists to help me out.

Why Monthly Wrap-Ups Hold Me Back 

1. I can't move on without them

If it's the beginning of September and I still haven't written an August wrap-up then I just won't write a post for September (or any month after that) until I'm up to date with my wrap-ups. How silly is that?!

2. I don't actually like writing them so I put it off

The end of the month rolls around and I know that I have to write a wrap-up, so everything becomes a reason not to blog. I'm too busy, I'm too tired, I can't be bothered, "Oops, I feel down a scrolling hole on twitter/youtube/instagram". I just have zero motivation. I think the way that I set them out is just too repetative and boring? I dunno, it's just not fun.

3. It's tooooo much pressure on myself

I'm at university full time and I work everyday on top of that so I want blogging to be something fun that I do, not something that I put off because I don't enjoy it.


Don't get my wrong, I love reading them and I even like my own once I've written them, but I just enjoy writing them how they are at the moment. Maybe one day I'll come back with a new and revamped style, but for now... Goodbye!

Did I just write an entire post on how I'm not going to write a certain type of post anymore? Yes I did. I had to acknowledge it for myself. Is there any type of post that you don't enjoy writing? Why do you still write them?