Monday, 30 April 2018

April, 2018 || A Month of Not A Lot

In April I had three weeks of holidays, but for some reason it did NOT feel like that. It went waayyyy too quickly and I did not get as much as I wanted to done. At all! I barely read, I barely blogged, and I did hardly any study (whoops!), but now I'm back at uni and busy with that again so I may have been a little bit slack with the blog for the last week or two (which is why this wrap-up is a week late).
(what did I read this month?)

Five books in April! Go me!! And I just noticed that they were all five star reads... I thought I didn't have the best reading month, but I actually did!!

Full Review Here

Full Review Here

(what books have I added to my collection?)

FROM PUBLISHERS: A HUGE thank you to Harper Collins NZ for the copy of The Queen's Rising which I have already devoured and absolutely adored. YAYYY!!! 

(what happened on the blog?)

Like I said, I was a little slack this month so there were only three posts...

  1. I talked about the highlight of my month which was going to see Love, Simon with other bookish people (it doesn't get much better than this).
  2. I finally wrote my review for Obsidio, the grand finale in the Illuminae Files.
  3. And I finished off the month with another review, this time of The Queen's Rising, which is definitely going on my 2018 favourites list.

(all about meeeeeeee)

So for three weeks off I really did not do a lot... I just worked a lot!

A couple of exciting things that did happen though... Me, Ella (from A Bookish Time), and Shanti and Shar (from Virtually Read) went and saw Love, Simon together which was super cute and fun!! And then at the end of the month we all caught up again (minus Shar) to sit in the gardens in our city and do some writing... We had a super cute wee picnic and I got a review written while the other two got a little more creative. We definitely plan on doing it again when we're back in town as well!

How was your April? Tell me your favourite and least favourite book of the month... Just to mix it up a little!


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