Sunday, 28 January 2018

Why I Love Blogging (and you should too)

I've been blogging on and off for over five years now, but I always come back (mainly for the same three reasons). There is so much I love about having a blog and being part of this community and at this point I think it would just be weird if this wasn't a part of my life. So without further ado... here's what I love about blogging!

1. The Community

Can we all get a big selfie together! Imagine that...
My favourite thing about blogging is how there is a huge community of people from all over the world who bond over a love for books. I love how I can pick up a conversation with anyone in this community and we can just chat for hours about anything (not just books, although it usually starts there). I love how the community pulls together to help each other. And I just love that I have a random group of friends who I trust that I've never actually met.. (so much for stranger danger)

2. The Opportunities

Blogging opens so many doors!
Having a blog opens up so many opportunities for you. It's not just something to stick on your CV (although that is pretty awesome too), it's a way to form all sorts of connections with publishing companies and authors and other amazing bookish people. I know bloggers who have had some amazing opportunities like talking to authors and being involved in publishing deals etc. and I really hope that one day I can use my blog platform to springboard my way into other bookish worlds.. (does that make sense??).

3. AAAAALLLLL the Books

(also I really like cats)
I can't have a blog post with all my favourite things about blogging without mentioning books, and I'm not just talking about the ARCs and review copies. I'm talking about all the books I would never have picked up if I wasn't a book blogger. I've had so many fabulous recommendations from fellow bookish people and I am so thankful that my reading horizons have been broadened because of this world!

Why do you blog? Tell me your favourite thing about blogging... the thing that makes you keep blogging! There's so much that I love but these are the three first things that came to mind!


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