Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Most Popular Posts of 2017 || (Because I like Lists)

I always find it interesting to see which of my posts are the most popular so I thought I would share with you my five most popular posts from 2017! I've based popularity on page views... I thought about doing it by interaction (AKA comments), but nah, maybe next time!

1. My review of Radio Silence, by Alice Oseman (feat. a speech I wrote)

WHY? My most popular post this year has by far been my raving review of Radio Silence which included a speech I wrote in high school. It may have been particularly popular because Alice Oseman (the author) retweeted my tweet about this review (it probably was), but I'm also very proud of the speech I included in this and I like to think that people connected with that speech.

2. My review of Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan and why the movie was better

WHY? Funnily enough, I find that in general (not including number one on this list), negative reviews do better than positive reviews. I think that's because critical reviews can be funny and I like to think that this review was slightly funny for people to read! Also I just remembered that the Nerve  movie had just been released when I read this so that may have helped to... Timing, people. It's all about timing.

3. A list of my favourite YA mysteries (please recommend me more!)

WHY? I love lists! Other people love lists. They're easy to read because they're lists... Lists require no brain power! Also bookish people are a sucker for bookish lists, especially the ones that might increase the length of your TBR. (also please recommend me more mysteries)

4. I asked myself why I had six books on the go at once

WHY? There's something interesting about reading about other peoples bookish issues and this one of those posts (and it's in list form so that's cool too). Having too many books on the guy is something it seems that a lot of people could relate to! Update: I finished two of the books on this list, but I'm currently reading five books so I've improved, but not really.

5. My introduction back into blogging

WHY? This is the proof that social media does matter to a certain extent because this was my first post on my new blog so I shared and shared and shared on Twitter AND spent a lot of time commenting on other peoples blogs. Much love to all the people who gave my blog a chance!

So how did 2017 go?

I started my blog in August and only published fifteen posts in 2017, but I'm super proud of all my efforts in this blog and I'm very excited to continue with it in 2018! I have so many plans and I can't wait to keep talking about bookish things with this amazing community. Happy new year, everyone!

What was your most popular post of 2017? Link me to it so I can check it out! Why do you think some posts do better than others? What's your favourite type of post to read, I'm curious!!


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