Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January, 2018 || New Year, New Me! (Yeah Right)

New year, new me. So I'm going to start doing monthly wrap-ups! I always like reading monthly wrap-ups soooo here's everything that happened this month (and it's been a pretty busy month).

(what did I read this month?)

I've kick-started the year by reading seven(?!) books. Just for reference I read 25 books in total last year so I am definitely on track to beat that! You can click the title for full bookish reviews on the blog.

(full review here)
(full review here)
(full review here)
(full review here)
(full review here)

(what happened on the blog?)

Seven books and seven posts! Not bad!!

  1. I talked about my reading statistics in 2017 and included lots of pretty graphs. Graphs are fun to look at because it's like reading without reading... Yay! 
  2. I reviewed Turtles All the Way Down, by John Green (spoiler: I got it for Christmas and I LOVED it). So much love for John Green). Always? Always! Kidding... that's Harry Potter. Okay? Okay. There we go...
  3. My five most popular posts of 2017! Because more stats are fun. And also lists. Lists are fun too.
  4. Another review! This one for my first read if the year, Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index.
  5. I talk about my holiday aaaaand all the books I read while I was on holiday (four books in four days). Wahooo! Go me!! There are lots of photos and this is definitely my favourite post this month. SO CHECK IT OUT!
  6. And because I was feeling warm and fluffy I shared my favourite things about the blogging community and what I love about blogging (everything). I loved the feedback I got for this post! So many lovely people commenting!!
  7. This is the seventh post... so I won't link to it.... LOL

(all about meeeeeeee)

So much happened this month! But at the same time it was also pretty mundane.... I work full time so a lot of time was taken up with that, but I've also (finally) finished up my university application and I got in! I start next month!! And I moved out of home... for the first time ever... scary stuff! I'm still living in the same city so it's not a HUUUUUGE deal. But it's still a pretty big deal. So far so good!

After a long time I've also built up the courage to start reaching out to publishers and request review copies from them (mainly since I will soon be a broke uni student). I've been speaking to a lovely lady from Harper Collins and soon I should be receiving some bookish mail so there will be more reviews and maaaaaybe some hauls! (also does anyone want a post on how to reach out to publishers?).

What else??? I've been talking to so many more bookish people thanks to Twitter so if you ever want to buddy read something or just talk books then hit me up!

What was the most exciting thing that happened this month for you? Do you like reading wrap-ups? Is there anything I missed?


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