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Finally A Holiday || Many Mini Reviews and (maybe) A Holiday Pic

At the moment I'm working full time so it's surprisingly hard to find the time to read so when I took a couple of days off last week I told myself that I would read eight books in four days (ha!). I bit off way more than I could chew, especially because day four was spent driving home (a seven hour drive), butttt I did still manage to read four (and a bit) books while I was away! So here are the mini reviews....

Day Zero

On the long drive to where I was staying I took to twitter to see if they thought I could manage eight books in my four day holiday. (My thoughts were two books a day is reasonable so I don't plan on doing anything else and that totally worked for a few days, but it wasn't sustainable.. at all.)

Day One

On day one it rained. And rained. And rained. We managed to get out in the morning and go for a walk (in the rain) and a swim (also in the rain), but the rest of the day was spent inside with a book (or two) trying to warm up again.

The first book I read was Gemina, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (the sequel to Illuminae). I "buddy read" this one with Dina, but to be honest it was less of a buddy read and more of a check in at the end because we both flew through it so quickly. (Sidenote: We're also in different time zones so that made it difficult as well, but I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Dina when we both finished it!). I love the style of the Illuminae series and it makes it so easy to read! Gemina didn't really involve the characters who were in Illuminae which I was initially a bit disappointed about, but I ended up loving it anyway and I can't wait to read Obsidio (book three) where I'm hoping all the characters from book one and two come together!! 4.5 Stars for this one (the only reason it's not getting five stars is because I didn't love it quite as much as Illuminae).

I didn't stop when I finished Gemina! It was still cold and rainy outside so I moved onto book two; So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister, by Anna Akana. For those of you who don't know; Anna Akana is a youtuber who makes funny, but also informative and eye-opening videos about all sorts of things that happen in life (I don't know how to explain it so I'll just include one of my favourites below). Anyway! I love her videos and I've been religiously watching them for a while, so when I learnt that she was writing a book I was pretty curious... This book is dedicated and written for her sister Kristina who committed suicide in 2007 and it's a book of (sort of) life lessons and stories that Anna would pass onto her little sister if she was still alive. It's also about the grief that Anna and her family faced after Kristina's death and what it's like to be a survivor of suicide. It was written in a series of anecdotal stories, some of which I felt like were about me. In the end I did sort of have mixed feelings about this book.. I did enjoy it, but I think I was sort of expecting it to be something it wasn't (but that's my fault, not the books'), I felt like some sections just dragged a little. It's a short read though so definitely worth it! 3 Stars for my second read on holiday!

Day Two

Day two was another hectic reading day! I did get out of the house (the rain had stopped so we went for a short walk in the morning), but I did spend most of the rest of the day reading.

The first book of the day was Eliza and Her Monsters, by Francesca Zappia which is definitely going to be one of my favourite reads of 2017!! 5 Stars aaaaallll the way! I can't believe I didn't read this any sooner.... I loved everything about this book. It's about a girl who writes a webcomic (which I wish was real because I want to read it) and she meets a boy who writes fanfic of her webcomic, but at first they don't know who each other are because she's just not really used to talking to people and having other people who understand her and he's got his problems too, but they help each other out and it's not perfect, but it is real. Wow. I need to take a breath. Lately I've been loving YA contemporary that has good mental health rep so if you're interested in something like that then READ THIS!

Up next was Wires and Nerve, by Marissa Meyer. Now, I did not know this was a thing. I thought that after the novellas that would be the end of The Lunar Chronicles and the crew that was in them, but no it was not! Wires and Nerves is a graphic novel about Iko(!!!) and I loved it. It has all the old crew from the original series, but it's told from the point of view of Iko which is just as great as you imagine it would be. What better protagonist than a sassy android? I don't know how I missed the release of this graphic novel, but part of me is glad that I did because now I only have to wait a couple of months for book two!! This was such an easy 5 Stars to give... I didn't realise how much I actually missed this series and the characters until I picked this graphic novel up.

Day Three 

On day three we went exploring and that was the end of my bookish streak. We did find a nice wee beach though!

Even though I didn't finish a book on day three, I did "start" one. Empire of Storms, by Sarah J. Maas has been sitting on my currently reading list on Goodreads since it came out in 2016... I know.. That's a long time! When I started it waaayyy back in 2016 I only got a couple of chapters in before life got in the way and I fell into a huge reading slump that lasted all the way through until almost the end of 2017. Sarah J. Maas has always been a favourite author of mine (I say that so casually like I'm not a crazy fan, but I definitely am) so I didn't want to ruin her books by forcing myself to read them at the wrong time. I'm happy to say that on day three I got about a third of the way through Empire of Storms and I am loving it so much..... I don't know how Sarah does it, but I know that this book is going to make me feel so much.. I already can't handle it! Now that I'm fully invested into Empire of Storms I will definitely finish it within the next week and then I'll be onto Tower of Dawn! Exciting stuff!!

Day Four

Day four was the long drive home. No reading was done. I managed to sneak a couple of chapters of Empire of Storms in when I got home, but for some reason I can't read Sarah J Maas books very fast... It's just too intense! I'll keep chugging along though... I am LOVING it!

Does your book intake increase while you're on holiday? Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Also have I talked you into adding anything to your TBR?? (sorry not sorry)


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