Tuesday, 2 January 2018

My 2017 Reading Statistics

2017 was an interesting year! I read 25 books in total, but I started the year in a HUGE reading slump and didn't think I'd even read 10 books so I'm pretty okay with my final book count of 25 books. I thought I'd break that number down and have a look at some of my bookish stats from 2017. So here goes!

Pretty self explanatory... Reading peaked massively when I started blogging (also I think I read at least two novellas in November so that is definitely why that was higher... not cheating). Also I'm pretty happy with how many four and five star reads I had this year. Especially because I only read 25 books, I didn't waste my time with any one star reads! Wahooo, go me!

Two graphs that I'm not so proud of.... I'm pretty annoyed that I don't even have an author from my own country there?! I definitely want a little more diversity and balance in these two graphs in 2018 so send me some recommendations from non US/UK authors!!

Neither of these graphs really surprise me. I normally read more series than standalone (I actually have a bad habit of starting series and not finishing them) and because of blogging I read a lot of new-releases... Partly because I receive ARCs and review copies, but mainly because new releases get talked about more so those are the books I hear about.

The one "adult" novel I read was Saga, by Brian K. Vaughn which I don't even think I'd class as an adult novel, but Goodreads did so there you go! Also novellas and graphic novels are a good way to hit your Goodreads target (not that you'll really be needing that now that it's the beginning of 2018).

I'm very pleased with the wide range of genres I've read this year! I'm kind of surprised at the number of fantasy novels I've read because I'm not always the biggest fantasy fan.. I think it's because I binged Renee Ahdieh's books. And the reason paranormal is so high is because I reread the Vampire Academy series.

A few more stats from Goodreads

As you can see here, one of the 25 books I read this last year was 11 pages.... Is that cheating? I think not! I still had an average length of 320 pages so that's alright!

I feel like I'm too nice with my ratings... I wish Goodreads let you vote in half stars because sometimes I feel like a book deserves 2.5 stars so I'll round up instead of down and then I just feel like I'm being too nice. I hardly ever give a book 1 star... Should I be more harsh?

I'm pretty happy with my reading this year! Tell me about some of your stats... How many books did you read? Is there any stats that you think I missed??


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