Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Which 2018 Reading Challenges Will I Be Taking Part In?

This year hasn't been a huge reading year for me. I was in a bit of a reading slump for half of the year and although read 23 books (so far) for my Goodreads reading challenge, I have managed to read 100 books in previous years. 2018 is going to be a big reading year. I can feel it! So to motivate myself I decided to link up to a few challenges.

The Goodreads Reading Challenge (obviously)

The Goal: Read 50 books.

Can I do it? I've read 23 books this year and I spent the majority of the year not reading so I think I've got this! And if I don't I'll cheat and just read a bunch of novellas.... shhhhhhh!

The A - Z Challenge 

The Goal: Read a book for every letter of the alphabet.

Can I do it? Some letters are going to be really easy, but some aren't... How am I going to find a letter that starts with Q... or Z... or X???? Someone help me!

The 2018 Pop-Sugar Reading Challenge 

The Goal: Read a book for every single prompt on this list.

Can I do it? Pretty sure there are 50 prompts on this list... That's a lot! Maybe my goal should be to complete at least 20 of the prompts instead of all of them, but I'm going to keep it open and see how I go!

The Beat the Backlist Challenge

The Goal: Read 20 books released prior to 2018.

Can I do it? I think this one will be easy for me. I read a lot of backlist releases anyway and there are so many books that came out in 2017 that I want to read, but haven't had a chance to yet!

Wanna stay updated?

You can track my progress on these challenges here!

What challenges are you taking part in during 2018? Did you complete (or attempt) any challenges this year - which ones?? Do you have any advice for me?


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