Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bookish Subscription Boxes || OwlCrate Unboxing

A couple of months ago I decided it would be fun to order a bookish subscription box and after many twitter polls (because that's how I make all important decisions in my life) I decided to order Octobers OwlCrate. The theme for October was Find Me in the Forest and I thought I'd share what I got with all of you so you can decide whether you want to buy one of the future boxes.

Of course each month has a different themed box with different contents, but this post will give you an idea on what sort of items to expect and whether it's worth it or not.

The Book(s)

In this OwlCrate box I received a hardcover (limited edition!!) copy of Wild Beauty, by Anne-Marie McLemore. This edition was exclusive to OwlCrate so that was a pretty cool surprise! Not only that, but it also came with a signed bookplate and a letter from the author.

I believe I read somewhere on the OwlCrate website that one hardcover book is always included and they try to make it a new release so that the majority of people haven't already got it. It would suck to receive a book that you already own.

I haven't read Wild Beauty yet, but it's next up on my TBR.

The Goodies

The OwlCrate box came crammed full of exciting goodies! All to do with the theme of the month and I was very happy with everything I received. I think I got seven (or eight?) goodies overall which seemed worth it to me. And the box really was packed.

My favourite thing was definitely the Harry Potter themed mug.. and the tea... and also the candle.... can I say everything was my favourite? I can't wait to try the tea and light the candle. (although part of me doesn't want to ruin anything by using it which is a little dumb).

Also check out this amazing print!

In the OwlCrate box you get a card with a description of everything on it (the print in the last picture is from Princess Mononoke btw) and also a little magazine with wee activities and tidbits of information related to the books and the items in the box which I thought was a really nice touch!

The Cost (30USD + Shipping)

Owlcrate is 30USD and shipping to New Zealand is 20USD (ouch). To be honest 50USD is probably a little bit much for what you receive and I definitely could not afford to do it every month, but I understand that international shipping is expensive so that's my fault for living all the way out in New Zealand. Shipping within the US is only 6.99USD so that's more reasonable and if that was all it cost for me I would definitely do this way more often!

It's also worth having a look around for discount codes. When I subscribed you got 15 percent off your first box which was a major relief to both me and my wallet so keep an eye out for things like that.

Would I repurchase?

Yes! I definitely couldn't do it every month because of the cost of shipping, but every now and then when I see a theme that looks particularly interesting I will definitely go on the hunt for discount codes and then repurchase. Although I want to give some other subscription boxes a go first to see what else is out there.

I think the cat liked it too. Or maybe she could smell the candle?

Would you purchase OwlCrate? Or have you ever received any bookish subscription boxes? I'm thinking about doing more posts like this if you're interested so which box should I try next?


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