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Otherworld, by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller || Why I Loved It and You Will Too

The company says Otherworld is amazing—like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They say it’s addictive—that you’ll want to stay forever. They promise Otherworld will make all your dreams come true.

Simon thought Otherworld was a game. Turns out he knew nothing. Otherworld is the next phase of reality. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

And it’s about to change humanity forever.
Welcome to the Otherworld. No one could have seen it coming.

Why is it always so hard to articulate how much you loved something? The more I like something, the less comprehensive my reviews are so today I'm going to just go back to the basics and write a list of reasons I loved Otherworld. (And hope that you just take my word for it because this book is amazing).

1. The Otherworld

Otherworld is the name of a virtual reality "game" that Simon enters during the book. He sticks on a visor thing and gloves and boots and then suddenly he feels like he's in the middle of a game. At first I imagined it as getting dropped in the middle of nowhere but it turns out you get to create your avatar and then everyone starts in a city and can do whatever they want there. Explore the other realms, fight the creatures that live in the Otherworld or take part in the underground orgy.... I wish I was joking.

I was fascinated by Otherworld. An alternate reality in a game that's so real... It raised some interesting thoughts. A world where you can do anything you're too afraid to do in the real world? It sounds insanely cool, but obviously it comes with a lot of problems. People become addicted to the "fake" world and in this particular case, Otherworld came with all sorts of bugs (literally) including the AI in the game being a little too good and self aware.

2. Simon

CBS shocked vr surprised virtual reality GIF
Simon was the most fascinating protagonist. He was flawed and he was slightly crazy and messed up, but he was loyal and funny. He was human. It's been a while since I've read a book with a character that has so many layers like Simon did. I may be slightly obsessed with him.

3. It was a journey

 an unexpected journey GIF
Otherworld was full of twists and turns and ups and downs. I could not stop reading. It was fast paced  and I almost felt like I was there with Simon and his friends. That's how you know it's really good book, when you feel like you're right there experiencing the action with the rest of the characters and you can't turn the pages fast enough.

4. There were some truly evil characters

In Otherworld you could do whatever you wanted to do and be whoever you wanted to be with pretty much no consequences which brought out some pretty evil characters. Is that what would happen to people if there were no consequences? Would it really bring out the filth in humanity like that? I don't know, I hope not, but probably. Anyway, my point is that evil characters are sometimes the most interesting characters.

5. I read it in one day

This book hooked me.... I felt almost like the players of Otherworld... I read this book in a day and didn't do much else during that time. Luckily I was able to get up during that time to eat and do other things so I didn't wake up in a pile of my pee (and poo) like Simon often did.

But seriously, just take my word for it! Buy this book ASAP! It comes out on the 31st of October and you need to read it!! The only problem I have is how long I'm going to have to wait for the next book... I hate waiting.

Final Thoughts

Have you read Otherworld? Do you plan on it? What do you think of virtual reality games like this... Do you think it's a good idea or..? Let me know! (Also, how cool would this be as a movie?!)


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