Thursday, 3 January 2019

My Reading Statistics || 2017 vs. 2018

My biggest regret in 2018 was that I missed my Goodreads goal by a single book. 49 out of 50 books... ugh how frustrating! It has been a hectic year that seemed to get even more hectic towards the end so I'm still happy with my final count of 49. BUT I'LL ALWAYS BE A LITTLE ANNOYED BY HOW CLOSE I CAME, I'M SORRY!

Last year, I created a series of graphs, to sum up my year (but that post is now private due to my annual blogging meltdown/insecurities about old posts) so I thought it would be fun to include my 2017 statistics in this post to see if (and how much) my reading habits have changed. Heeeere we go!

How many books did I read each month?

Despite my annoyance at missing my Goodreads goal by one book (no, I will not get over this), I'm pretty damn happy at how I did this year compared to last year. I nearly doubled my book count and I was waaayyy more consistent with my reading over the course of the year. Also, how funny is it that you can so clearly see my university holidays based on the peaks in the graph.

How many stars?

One of my goals this year was to be a little bit more harsh with my ratings... I'm not totally sure what happened here, I either read better books or I completely failed that goal. Whoops! I like to think it was the former because 2018 was such an amazing reading year for me. My top few books? Definitely The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (why is the rest of the series not out yet??!), The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman (a strangely beautiful book that evoked such a feeling of peace and nostalgia and I don't even know why), and I officially have a huge soft spot for Lucy Parker's books as well now (easy to read, fluffy romance, with flawed characters that I absolutely adore). Plus many many more fabulous books, but that's another post.

Author Origin

(2017 is on the left and 2018 is on the right)

I think I said last year that I don't really like this category, but I feel like I should still include it. Disclaimer: I used authors country of birth, nothing else to create this. At least, my map has expanded this year (and I actually read some books by authors from my own country).

Author Gender

Not a huuuuge change from last year. I just seem to accidentally read more female authors than male authors... Maybe it's the genres I like? I'm not really sure. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Year Published

My statistics teacher would HATE me for this graph... I think I kind of hate myself for it because the categories aren't even so it's not a very good representation. But at least I'm self-aware! And it does give you a little bit of an idea that I've read more diversely this year than I did last year.

Series or Standalone?

I'm surprised at the changes in the ratio in these graphs. In the past, I've ALWAYS read far more series than standalone (I have a serious problem of starting series and not finishing them, but again that's another post). For some reason, this year I read a lot of standalones... it might be because I made an effort to read more classics and they're usually standalones?

"Age Group"

I'm pleased with this graph! I love Young Adult, but I've been trying to break away from it a little bit and read more than just YA this year and it looks like I've achieved that goal. I think I'll always read YA, but I love having a bit of something else as well. Balance is key!

Text Type

Okay, I'll admit it, with a higher reading goal, I tend to read a lot more novellas and graphic novels than I would otherwise. But I guess with a greater amount of books, you naturally read a greater range of text types.


I'm shocked that I read no 'mysteries' this year, seeing as they are one of my favourite genres... that definitely has to change in 2019. It hasn't come as a surprise that contemporary and fantasy continue to be my most read genres. In 2019, I want to bring mystery back AND continue to keep classics and non-fic on the board!

How many pages?

This one's pretty self-explanatory and I'm not sure what I can really draw from it, but it's still kind of interesting to look at.

A Wrap-Up

It's been an excellent reading year overall. There have definitely been some ups and downs (*ahem* me missing my goal by one book), but I've read some amazing books in a huge range of genres and I could not be happier! I'm looking forward to everything that 2019 brings.

What were your best reading successes last year? Tell me about your favourite book, did you have any that were the same as me? Is there anything here that surprised you?